All bracelets and rings are stretchy. Bracelets and rings come in 3-4 sizes depending on style and bead size.

If you have any sizing questions or concerns please email

Ring Sizing:
1= XS/S (ring size 4-5)
2= M (ring size 5.5-7)
3= L (ring size 7+)

 Bracelet Sizing:
1- XS (~6") recommended for very small wrists only
2- S (~6 1/3")
3- M (~6 2/3")

4- L (~7")



Solid 14k gold should last for life and 14k gold filled should last 10+ years with proper care. Should anything happen to the color or elasticity, please email for a repair or replacement.

Different types of gold:

Products 14k Gold Gold (Gold Filled)  Gold Plated
14k Gold Only
Substantial layer of 14k gold over base metal

Base metal with such a thin layer of gold over it that it rubs off over an average of 12 months with moderate wear

Lifespan Should last a lifetime Ranges from 10-30+ years Average is 12 months (never used on Arm Candy)